Challenge Builder Now Available

We’re pleased to announce a fantastic new feature that has just gone live on both the SWIMTAG Operator Panel and the SWIMTAG User Website. Swimmers and pool operators can now map out their own virtual swim challenges using our new Challenge Builder.

Simply log into your operator account and go to the Challenges area, select the Challenge Builder, give the challenge a name and and plot your own custom route on the interactive map. Add a few words to describe the route and upload an image that will be displayed alongside (you must ensure you have permission to use this image). Your new challenge will then be available for swimmers to use or set up as a featured challenge to invite your members to join.

This option was previously only available with the help of a member of the SWIMTAG team who would build the challenge for you, but now you can do it yourself at the touch of a button! The builder is also available to all SWIMTAG swimmers to create their own routes, invite Swim Mates to join them and make their challenges joinable so that others can take part. If you would like help using the challenge builder for the first time please email Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. for a quick demo over Zoom/Teams and some tips for promoting featured challenges.

Garmin Connect Integration Updates

Swimmers can now signup to SWIMTAG using their Garmin Connect account making it even easier to take part in SWIMTAG Challenges, Competitions and Training Plans using their own devices

Swimmers with their own Garmin or compatible sports watch can initially import up to 3 months of swimming activities from their Garmin Connect accounts and keep their data in Sync using the 'Auto Import' feature, swimmers can still choose to use the SWIMTAG bands at the pool if they wish

If your pool has a Club SWIMTAG system installed you can offer FREE Premium access to SWIMTAG to all your members even if they use their own device to record their swims, simply setup a Registration Code via the operator login and offer the code to all swimmers that wish to use the website

Registration Codes

You can now provide premium account registration codes for members that use their own swim tracking devices or manual upload swims at your pool. New and existing users can enter the code to receive FREE premium access to SWIMTAG (worth £2.99 per month) without the need to use one of your SWIMTAG wristbands for their first swim.
Each code is unique to your pool, simply head to the 'Pool Settings' area of your Operator Login and choose 'Registration Codes' and select 'Add Registration Code' to choose a code for your swimmers to enter. Once saved new signups will be prompted to enter a code on signup or existing users can enter their code on the settings page under 'Register Membership'.
The SWIMTAG premium subscription normally costs £2.99 / month for non-SWIMTAG users so this cost saving can be attributed to your monthly swim membership as a USP. For more information and help setting up registration codes for your pools feel free to get in touch using the Feedback button or Chat widget.

SWIMTAG Operator Panel Updates

We're pleased to launch the new look Operator Login area, the updates include a complete refresh of the layout and menus as well as adding some new dashboard stats making it easier for SWIMTAG operators to manage their poolside activity.

The Operator area of SWIMTAG allows pool operators to setup challenges and competitions, view leaderboards, cheer swimmers achievements and provide reports on poolside usage

For more information about the Operator Website check out the Website & App area

Zoggs “Ocean Walker” Challenge 2

It’s time for the second major Zoggs swim challenge in the Adam “Ocean” Walker series.

This time, we’ll be challenging all SWIMTAG users to swim 33km across The Catalina Channel between Santa Catalina Island and Los Angeles. The challenge starts on the 21st May 2021 and you have 48 days to complete the swim.

Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a prize draw to win some fantastic goodies, including a signed copy of Adam’s autobiography. We’ve also got several pairs of “Ocean Walker” Goggles, designed by Zoggs with the help of Adam to be the perfect goggle for endurance swimming in all environments to give away.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is connect your SWIMTAG account to Zoggs on the settings page, enter the challenge and complete it within 48 days. We’ll select the winners at random from everyone who has successfully completed the challenge.

Link to the live challenge map:

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