SWIMTAG Comes to Wales

We are delighted to announce that SWIMTAG is now available in Wales, after the installation of our technology in four Leisure Centres in Caerphilly.

Swimmers using leisure centres in Caerphilly, Heolddu, Newbridge and Risca can now ask for a SWIMTAG wristband at reception as part of their membership and track their swims with our award winning technology.

Business Development Manager Colin Scott said "We're delighted to introduce our technology to Wales for the first time. It's still a tough time for swimming pools, but the team at Caerphilly, led by Aquatics Manager Sian Jones are working hard to keep improving the level of service to their swimmers and SWIMTAG will form a big part of those improvements over the coming months and years. We hope that they will be rewarded by improved retention of swimmers, as has been the case at dozens of other pools throughout the country, where swimmers have gotten addicted to SWIMTAG and the fun it brings to swimming".

Personal Best Medley Update

We have updated our personal best tool to allow tracking of Individual Medleys (both single and double lengths)

An individual medley consists of four strokes. These four strokes go in an order by Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and finally Freestyle. Swimmers can swim a single length of each stroke, or double lengths of each.

The new website feature allows swimmers to search their swim history to detect when they have previously completed a medley and calculates their fastest time, then going forward it will update their PB whenever they set a new faster time.

Swimathon 2023

SWIMTAG are once again partnering with The Swimathon Foundation to support this years swim events across the UK

The Swimathon event will be returning to more than 450 pools across the country on the weekend of May 12-14 2023 with their annual fundraising swim for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. We wanted to support all our swimmers taking part in the event and encourage as many as possible to signup this year, so SWIMTAG users can register for any Swimathon challenge and get an exclusive 35% discount using the code SWIMTAGR2T1.

For those who wish to get a taste of the main Swimathon events, we have re-opened the Swimathon Distance Series, 4 distance competitions of 400m, 1.5km, 2.5km and 5km. The Swimathon Distance Series allows you to pick a distance and see if you are able to complete it in one swim, you can start at 400m (16 lengths in a 25m pool) and see if you are able to continue to the next. For those already signed up, they can use the competitions to help train for the event and compare your progress with others.

The competition series will be active from 20 March - 14 May at which point the results are frozen until the following year. If you are running the Swimathon events at your pool we encourage you to promote the competition series as a great introduction to the events and a way for swimmers to track their training progress and socialise with other participants.

New Swim Badges Available

We have released 10 new swim badges for swimmers to collect, these have been designed especially to motivate and encourage swimmers to keep returning to the pool throughout the year. There are now 40 badges to collect in total, to date no swimmers have collected them all yet.

The new badges are:

  • FANTATSTIC FLY 4 consecutive lengths of butterfly in one swim
  • SHOW OFF Appear in the top 10 on your pools monthly leaderboard after the first week of the month
  • IMPROVER Set 5 consecutive total distance records in a row
  • MOTIVATED Complete a goal running for 3 or more months
  • BEAT THE CLOCK Set a T-series competition distance
  • COMMUNITY CHALLENGE 5 people join a challenge you setup
  • LOYAL LOCAL At least 1 swim a week for a year at the same pool
  • KEENO Swim 7 days Consecutively
  • WEEKEND WARRIOR Swim Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • BUILDER Build a challenge route
  • How to preview the docking station in 3D

    We know that many pools have limited space at their busy reception areas and are concerned about installing extra equipment, to help solve this issue we developed the SWIMTAG Windows Application that is installed on your own computers removing the need for an extra computer.

    In addition to this we have developed a handy 3D model that allows pool operators to preview the placement of our Docking Station tower in their reception areas.

    To preview the model for yourself simply load the page linked below on an iOS (Safari) or Android device and you will see a 'View In 3D' button which loads the Augmented Reality viewer.

      info (@) swimtag.no

    +47 99778333

    Swimtag Nordic AS, Leitevegen 7, 5531.Haugesund, Norge