We are pleased to introduce the latest tool added to SWIMTAG user accounts to help motivate and encourage progress in the pool. Goals are customisable targets that can be setup by a swimmer to provide constant feedback over a period of time.

Users can setup two types of goal for a specific swim stat over a fixed period of time, cumulative goals and average goals.

For a cumulative goal the system will add your chosen stat between the start and end dates, for example 'swim 15,000m in 3 weeks', or 'swim a total of 24 hours in 3 months' with your progress being updated after each swim.

An Average Goal allows the swimmers to keep track of an average over the Goal time period whether they are trying to reach or beat it. For example 'burn an average of 400 calories per swim over 6 months' or 'swim an average pace of 110s/100m in backstroke over 12 months'.

Once a Goal has been setup a user will be notified of their progress through their news feed and swim summary emails, in addition they can choose to share their goal by generating a public link that can be posted to facebook or shared with friends or family, great for fundraising for a specific swim challenge!

You can keep an eye on your swimmers achievements via the operator homepage and remember to ensure your front of house team are up to date with the latest SWIMTAG updates!

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