WV ACTIVE Joins the SWIMTAG network

The City of Wolverhampton Council has invested in Club SWIMTAG systems and lane displays to enhance its swim offer and encourage higher participation levels.

The Council’s leisure portfolio, branded WV Active, includes three leisure centre, two with pools, Bilston-Bert Williams and Central Baths and both completed their SWIMTAG install this month.

In addition to the standard Club SWIMTAG system, which enables swimmers to log and track session activity and get involved in a variety of cloud-based challenges, The Council has also invested in lane displays which offer the added benefit of delivering real time information on session activity direct to swimmers on poolside.

Talking about the install, Sean McBurney, WV Active Manager, says: “SWIMTAG brings much needed gym style innovation to poolside, creating a more engaging and motivating experience for swimmers. In addition to enabling swimmers to seamlessly log and track their activity, recording data such as session duration, number and type of strokes plus the number of lengths completed, the system also creates opportunities to get involved in a variety of individual or team based ‘battles’. This offers those who want it, a chance to become a part of a swim community, introducing sociability to an otherwise very solitary activity.”

“I’m really looking forward to running some inter-site challenges” continues Sean. “Swimming remains Britain’s most popular activity but, despite the widely recognised mental and physical benefits associated with regular involvement, participation is in decline. We need to reignite the nation’s enthusiasm for swimming and technologies like SWIMTAG sit at the heart of the solution.

“Here at WV Active, community swimming remains an important part of our leisure offering. Swimming is an activity most people, regardless of age, gender or physical ability can enjoy and we intend to continue to invest in making swimming an appealing activity for all.

“Our ambition is to encourage as many of our swim users as possible to create a SWIMTAG account and give it a go. If we can do this, I believe we will see a significant increase in both casual swim usage and swim membership.”

To use SWITAG, swimmers simply collect a wristband from reception ahead of their session. The band is returned to reception on exit and individuals can then access session data stored in their personal online account from any device with internet access.

Kieran Sloyan, Managing Director at 222 Sports, creators of SWIMTAG, adds: “SWIMTAG is now available at over 200 sites and engages more than 82,000 swimmers. Every month, more than 3400 swimmers get involved in our challenges, with this number growing month on month. We are really excited to welcome WV Active pools into our network and will continue to work closely with the team over the next few months to ensure they get the most out of their install.”

To find out more about how SWIMTAG could improve your swim offering, contact the team now on 01225 282117.

  info (@) swimtag.no

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