Lane Displays Coming Soon

Our trip to Elevate Arena, held at the Olympia in London gave the SWIMTAG team our first opportunity to show off our new Lane Displays.

Feedback from SWIMTAG users is that the data they get when they log in to their SWIMTAG account is fantastic, but it would be even better if SWIMTAG could also help them count their lengths whilst in the water... There’s nothing worse than finding out that you accidentally stopped two lengths short of your intended distance, when you’re already out of the water and changed!

With this in mind we’ve designed our new lane displays which will show swimmers their pace and the number of laps they have swum when they get to the end of the lane. The displays link up to the band using radio waves so it will display the data of whichever SWIMTAG wristband is closest to it.

The lightweight plastic shell and digital display is fully waterproof, the outer foam casing protects it from any damage and it also has a handy slot for your slow/medium/fast lane signs.

It runs on rechargeable batteries which can last a number of days and the magnetic charger is encased in plastic (just like your electric toothbrush).

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