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SWIMTAG.COM has been developed with the simple aim of making swimming more sociable, interactive and fun.

As soon as the user logs in, the homepage provides a summary of their progress in the pool, new personal bests, competition updates, training plan progression and messages from their pool are all displayed here.

Contact us today for access to a user demo account.

Swimmers can access their account using our desktop and mobile website or by installing our app.




Our App provides easy access to your SWIMTAG account on your mobile phone, the App alerts you as soon as your swim has uploaded, view your swim data on our mobile-specific profile page and check your progress on challenges and competitions.

See Your Swim has been developed with the simple aim of making swimming more sociable, interactive and fun.

As soon as the user logs in, the homepage provides a summary of their progress in the pool, new personal bests, competition updates, training plan progression and messages from their pool are all displayed here.

Contact us today for access to a user demo account.

Swim Mates

SWIMTAG pools build a community of swimmers as they connect and become 'Swim Mates'.

This features allows swimmers to support each other and share their key achievements with friends:

    • Summary recent swims
    • View achievements
    • Personal Bests
    • Stroke type summary stats
    • Competitions
    • Challenge progress
    • Training plans
    • View their goals
    • Send messages

Swimmers can search for their friends using their name on the home page or automatically import Facebook friends who are also registered with SWIMTAG. When a swimmer has requested to be added to your Swim Mates, you receive a notification on the home page and you can choose to accept, decline or cancel their request.


Goals are customisable targets that can be setup by a swimmer to provide constant feedback over a period of time. They can be used to help motivate and encourage their progress in the pool.

Users can create a goal to track a stat over a fixed time period, either a total or average value can be monitored to push themselves further in the pool

The swimmer simply pick the type of goal they wish to track:

  • Total Distance
  • Total Calories
  • Total Swims
  • Total Swim Time
  • Average Distance
  • Average Calories
  • Average Swim Time
  • Average DPS
  • Average Stroke Rate
  • Average Pace
  • For a cumulative goal the system will add their chosen stat between the start and end dates, for example 'swim 15,000m in 3 weeks', or 'swim a total of 24 hours in 3 months' with their progress being updated after each swim.

    An Average goal allows the swimmers to keep track of an average over the time period whether they are trying to reach or beat it. For example 'burn an average of 400 calories per swim over 6 months' or 'swim an average pace of 110s/100m in backstroke over 12 months'.

    Once a Goal has been setup the user will be notified of their progress through their news feed and swim summary emails, in addition they can choose to share their goal by generating a public link that can be posted to facebook or shared with friends or family, great for fundraising for a specific swim challenge!


Link to your favourite Apps

SWIMTAG integrates with members' favourite Health & Fitness Apps. Your members simply login to their SWIMTAG account and connect their chosen app on the settings page.

Once connected they can selectively publish their swimming data, or choose to auto-publish their swimming data which will automatically send their swim to the App as soon as its uploaded.

Import Swim Data

Swimmers can import pool and open water swim data recorded on compatible Apple Watch and Garmin devices. For Garmin users, you can import a .fit file from your Garmin account or link your account to Garmin connect. Apple Watch users can import swim workouts from the last month from your Apple Health account.

All swim data is calculated outside of SWIMTAG but once imported you can adjust the swim using our Swim Editors if necessary. Imported swims will count towards your Challenges and Goals as well as being included in your account stats. If your device records your heart rate during your swim this will be visible on your swim graph on our desktop site. Importable data also include any open water swim recorded on an Apple or Garmin device, the open water distance will count towards challenge distances and a route map will be visible on the profile page to replace the swim graph.

Set Up A Challenge

Swimmers can challenge themselves and others to take on a classic swim such as swimming the English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar or Suez Canal. After selecting a start and finish date, SWIMTAG will update their progress as they move along our interactive challenge map.

Users can invite their Swim Mates to join them in a team or race as individuals. Once started, their progress can be shared with friends and family or linked to an online fundraising page using the public link.

Compete Against Other Swimmers

SWIMTAG competitions pitch users against their fellow swimmers in a virtual league.

Each competition has a set distance and stroke type that must be swum in order to qualify, swims are automatically checked against the criteria and the users leaderboard position is updated whenever a new time is set.

Once a swimmer has set their competition time they have a set number of weeks to improve their best time before it expires, this creates a running leaderboard of the current fastest swimmers.

Swimmers can take part in Local, National or Global competitions. With over 13615 swimmers competing in 738 competitions there is something for all types of swimmer.

Competitions leaderboards can be embedded on a pools digital notice board, on the pool facebook page, website, APP or simply printed off and displayed on a notice board at the pool.

Improve Your Swimming

The training plans allow users to join a structured swimming plan over a number of training sessions. Each plan can be customised to fit around their schedule by selecting which days they wish to train.

After completing each training session the swim is scored against the plan based on pace, stroke type and rest times, giving the user detailed feedback on each set.

Once all the training days have been completed an overall score is saved to the users profile allowing them to come back and try again to improve their score.

Your Progress

Your Progress is a simple profile page feature for swimmers to monitor their key total and average stats over a weekly, monthly, annual or custom date range.

The swimmer simply chooses a duration from the drop down list and all the stats below will automatically update:

    • Total Swims
    • Total Distance
    • Total Swim Time
    • Total Calories
    • Average Distance
    • Average DPS
    • Average Swim Duration

Your Swim In Detail

The Profile Page is where each swimmer is presented with a unique new view of their swim. Each length is presented on the colour-coded graph with the split time, average pace, rest-time and stroke-rate.

The Sets Display is used to break a swim into individual sets, split by stroke type or rest time. Users can add previous swims to the display to compare each training session side-by-side.

Personal Best trackers can be added to a swimmers profile for a set distance and stroke type to keep a tab on personal performance, new PBs will be checked upon upload and a notification is posted in the news feed to give an extra motivation boost!

Personal Best

SWIMTAG will automatically track a swimmers performance over a set distance. The swimmer can setup 6 PB times on their account. To create a PB they go to the the swim profile page, click the Add New Personal Best and choose any or a specific stroke and a set distance. Eg. 500m Front Crawl.

When a swimmer beats their PB they will receive a notification in their swim email and on the home page news feed.

Rule the Pool is a new weekly US only competition, running Fri-Sun every week for swimmers of all levels. All users have to do is enter and swim 500m as fast as they can. When they log in, they'll see their weekly ranking and can compare themselves to other users in their pool as well as across the US, with results able to be split into age / sex categories. Every Monday morning the weekly results are automatically emailed out to all competitors and the leader boards are refreshed ready for the next event.


Rule The Pool is designed to increase participation, get existing swimmers swimming more often and also pushing themselves harder when in the water.

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