Core SWIMTAG System

The SWIMTAG Team will be able to advise on the best options to suit your pool usage, budget and goals. All prices exclude duty, tax and delivery to site if applicable. If you looking to purchase SWIMTAG for more than one pool we can offer discounts for multi-site installations.

The core SWIMTAG system includes everything you need to get your pool up and running:

  • 10 x Club SWIMTAG Wristbands
  • 1 x Docking Station Tower, power supply and USB cable
  • 1 x Windows Docking Station Application Licence
  • Configuration of your pool on the SWIMTAG platform
  • Operator training videos
  • Spares pack & New user guides
  • Delivery to site
  • Remote support for installation
  • The core system enables you to install the docking station software on your own POS terminal or computer at reception and use your current card reading device. You simply plug the docking station tower into a spare USB port on your POS terminal or computer.

    You can add additional wristbands, docking station towers, touch screen POS terminals, on site training sessions and more. The SWIMTAG Team are available to advise on the options and help you build the best system for your budget. Additional hardware is held in stock and can be ordered at any time from our operator store.


The durable SWIMTAG wristbands have a streamlined design and adjustable strap which has been designed and tested specifically for swimmers, minimising any resistance in the water and ensuring a comfortable fit for all users. The straps are made from a thermoplastic elastomer, its 100% recyclable and has excellent resistance to chemicals and UV light. Any old straps can be returned to us and we will recycle them into a new strap.

Wristband modules and docking station towers come with a 24 month warranty.

Wristbands can record up to 7 hours of continuous swimming data in a single session. Once returned to a docking station tower the wristband is ready for the next swimmer in a matter of minutes. We can replace the battery in each wristband at the end of its usable life.

Docking Station Towers

The SWIMTAG docking station towers are used to activate wristbands for swimmers, download swim data and wirelessly re-charge the wristbands. The docking station towers can be managed by reception staff or offered as a self-service system to swimmers. Each tower requires one power supply and simply connects to a POS computer via USB cable.

A maximum of 2 docking station towers can be connected to each POS computer. One Docking Station will act as a master and the other docking station will act as a slave. In this combination up to 20 wristbands can be docked at any time. A swimming pool can run up to 6 docking station towers using 3 POS computers at a single reception.

SWIMTAG Software

Our Windows SWIMTAG docking station application has been designed for installation on a reception POS hardware or a stand alone computer at reception. A shortcut to open the application named Club SWIMTAG is installed on the desktop and the reception team can minimise the application to the taskbar when its not in use. 

When the application is in focus, a swimmers membership card / wristband / key is read and checked using the existing connected reader. The application will log the ID number of the membership card and activate a wristband for the user. The receptionist hands the active band to the swimmer.

When the wristband is returned to the docking station after the swim the application will download the raw data and upload it to our servers for processing, the swim data is then generated and published to our website. A swimmer can create an account on our website once their first swim has been uploaded using their membership card/wristband/key ID number.

One licence is included with the core SWIMTAG system. Additional licences are only required if you order more than one Aures Yuno or if you would like to run the docking station application on more than one of your own POS terminals or computers.

The SWIMTAG team are availbale to support every installation, we can also provide licence keys to install the docking station application on a test machine in advance of a full install.

Membership Card Readers

Pools can either use their existing membership cards with the Docking Station or bespoke SWIMTAG cards. RFID/MIFARE, QR code, magnetic swipe or barcode cards readers have all been used at existing sites.

Swimmers can also use the SWIMTAG mobile app to activate a wristband. The swimmers can present their app QR code in front of a scanner at your docking station to activate a wristband. Ideal if they forget their membership card and don't want to loose their swim record!

The application can using a USB HID or COM Port reader. The application will log the ID number of the membership card and activate a wristband for the user. If the reception POS computer already has a USB HID card reader installed this can be used, alternatively a separate USB card reader can be installed for SWIMTAG.

If a card reader is setup to use a USB COM port the application does not need to be in focus to activate a wristband.

Docking Station Computers

If clients would like to run the SWIMTAG Docking Station software on a separate computer at reception we have two options available. In both cases the Docking Station Tower connects via USB to upload swimmer's swim data to the website.



Aures Yuno

Operators requiring a self service SWIMTAG system will be delighted with the look and feel of the Aures Yuno. The Yuno is a robust but stylish and compact product ideal for operating the SWIMTAG Docking Station at your pool reception.

It is a fanless, compact, high-performance system equipped with a shock-proof and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen (PCAP technology).

As standard the YUNO is stand alone however it can be wall or pole mounted. The Yuno is supplied with a fantastic 3 year warranty from Aures offering a sensible, cost-effective and long-term investment your SWIMTAG system. 



Shell+15 Kiosk

We also offer imageHolders Shell+15 enclosure as a highly secure kiosk solution which is designed for use in heavy footfall environments. The Shell+15 enclosure can be mounted on a custom swivel mount or a fixed arm and branded with your operator logo. The Shell+15 encloses an Aures Yuno touch screen and card reader enabling swimmers to quickly and easily activate their own SWIMTAG.


Lane Displays

Our new lane displays are a great way to further improve the user experience at any SWIMTAG pool. The robust screens lets swimmers know how many lengths or how far they have swum in real time and can also be used to help them keep to a set pace. The large bright digital screen is easily seen, even through misty goggles. The swimmer simply raises their band in front of a screen when they want to see their stats.

The blue foam casing means that they blend into the surroundings of the pool and there's even a slot on the top to put your "slow lane / fast lane" signs. The lane displays have been hugely popular with SWIMTAG users - they no longer see their swim notification and realise they've only done 98 lengths when they were planning to do 100!

Download our Case Study Brochure and Information Pack to see how we’ve helped operators to attract, motivate and support their swimming members

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