SWIMTAG Docking Station Software:

Our Windows SWIMTAG Docking Station application has been designed to be installed on a reception POS computer. Our Docking Station tower can be connected to a spare USB socket on the POS hardware. The Docking Station tower will also require a single 240V power socket.

If the reception POS computer has a USB HID card reader installed this can be used with the SWIMTAG Docking Station application. Alternatively a separate USB card reader can be installed for SWIMTAG.

A shortcut to open the application named Club SWIMTAG is installed on the desktop and the reception team can minimise the application to the taskbar when its not in use.

When the application is in focus, a swimmers membership card / wristband / key is read and checked using the existing connected reader. The application will log the ID number of the membership card and activate a wristband for the user. The receptionist hands the active band to the swimmer. When the wristband is returned to the docking station after the swim the application will download the raw data and upload it to our servers for processing, the swim data is then generated and published to our website. A swimmer can create an account on our website www.swimtag.net once their first swim has been uploaded using their membership card/wristband/key ID number.

If a card reader is setup to use a USB COM port the application does not need to be in focus to activate a wristband.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 8 (x86 and x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 10

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

1 GHz or faster processor
512 MB of RAM
2.5 GB of available hard disk space
Monitor Resolution of at least: 1024 x 768

Download the latest version of the SWIMTAG Windows Software

Download the Installation Guide

Barcode and QR Readers:

If you have ordered a Barcode or QR code reader with your system we supply as standard a Honeywell 1400G reader. This is a USB connected device which can be configured to use emulate a regular RS232-based Com Port or as a HID device. If you would like to install it in COM Port mode you will need to download the HSM USB serial driver from the Honeywell website. The driver will use the next available COM Port number. Windows 10 includes a standard USB serial driver with limitations which we do not recommend using. Please ensure the Honeywell Download manager tool is installed on your PC prior to trying to download files.

- The Download Manager installation file can be downloaded by clicking here

- The Honeywell windows driver can be download here

- A driver installation guide can be downloaded here

You can scan this barcode to program the 1400G Honeywell scanner to emulate a regular RS232-based COM Port.


Magnetic Swipe Card Readers:

If you have ordered a mag swipe card reader we can supply both a COM Port version which is the ID Tech MiniMag II reader (IDMB-336133B) or a HID/Keyboard version. If you choose the COM Port version the device will be automatically issued a COM Port number when connected to the comptuer via USB. This COM Port number can be setup on the Docking Station Settings. On Windows 10 no additional drivers are required. The benefit of using a COM Port reader is being able to minimise the SWIMTAG Docking Station software and still activate wristbands with another software application in focus such as your membership system. 

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